“Camera Ludica: Reflections on Photography in Video Games” now available as open access

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While preparing for a talk on in-game photography, I happily found out that our article “Camera Ludica: Reflections on Photography in Video Games” by Marco de Mutiis and yours truly is now available open access. If you are interested in learning about the interrelations between computer games and photography just follow the DOI link:

Möring, Sebastian und Marco de Mutiis (2019): “Camera Ludica : Reflections on Photography in Video Games,” in: Intermedia Games—Games Inter Media : Video Games and Intermediality, ed. by Michael Fuchs und Jeff Thoss, 69–94. New York: Bloomsbury Academic. http://dx.doi.org/10.5040/9781501330520.ch-003.

The whole volume can be found here:

Fuchs, Michael, und Jeff Thoss (eds.) (2019): Intermedia Games—Games Inter Media: Video Games and Intermediality. New York: Bloomsbury Academic. https://doi.org/10.5040/9781501330520.

Visit the Real Virtual DIGAREC In-Game Photo Gallery

The Real Virtual DIGAREC In-Game Photo Gallery (built in Mozilla Hubs)

The real virtual DIGAREC In-Game Photo Gallery contains more than 20 in-game photographic works by students of European Media Studies (http://emw.eu). It was built in Mozilla Hubs (mainly by my colleague Lars Pinkwart with some ideas of yours truly). Please follow this link if you want to know more and if you wish to visit the first, the second, and the third version of the gallery: http://www.digarec.de/2021/06/07/the-real-virtual-digarec-in-game-photo-gallery.

Basic Readings on In-Game Photography as Practice, Medium, and Art Form

In case you are interested in reading up on the growing discourse of in-game photography here is a list with basic readings on the topic:







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