“A Lift Home”(S1:E1) @ ScreenWalks

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May 24, 2023, 7 pm, EDDB (Berlin-Brandenburg) – EKCH (Copenhagen Kastrup), estimated flight time: 1:00 hour

Screen Walks

I am beyond excited that the fantastic people from “Screen Walks” are giving me the opportunity to do the pilot of my new video podcast “A Lift Home – Talking Game Research at 36.000 ft Above Sea Level.” For the podcast, I invite game scholars and offer them a lift home by plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator. While floating above the clouds, between takeoff and landing there is time to talk about the passenger’s research, to learn about their views on computer games, and to discuss the special topic of the flight.

Premium Passenger Dr. Ida Kathrine Hammeleff Jørgensen

I am extremely delighted to welcome Dr. Ida Kathrine Hammeleff Jørgensen as the first premium passenger on our flight from Berlin to Copenhagen. Ida is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southern Denmark researching the body as a matter of concern for designers of equipment for play. Her research interests revolve around games as media, realism and abstraction in games, representational conventions and the representation of gender in games. Ida holds a PhD in game studies from the IT University of Copenhagen where she developed a theory for analyzing games as models building on intermedial theory.

Topic of the Flight “Simulation”

In line with Ida’s expertise, the topic of the flight will be “simulation“. Hence, we will discuss things such as realism and abstraction, models, and representation in games and game research.

Departure and Boarding

The flight is scheduled for May 24, 2023. Boarding time is 7 p.m. CEST / 6 p.m. GMT+1 (Don’t be late ’cause we won’t wait). Boarding and flight following take place at Screen Walks.

The official announcement over at Screen Walks and the Photographer’s Gallery London:

Game scholar turned virtual pilot Sebastian Möring will take his guest Ida Kathrine Hammeleff Jørgensen to the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Throughout their flight from Berlin to Copenhagen, the two researchers will discuss realism and abstraction, models, simulation, and representation in games and game research. This Screen Walk marks the first episode of Möring’s new series “A Lift Home – Talking Game Research at 36.000 ft Above Sea Level”.

Screen Walks is a common initiative by Fotomuseum Winterthur and Photographer’s Gallery London. Organized and moderated by Marco De Mutiis and Jon Uriarte.




Sebastian Möring