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Cover of the book Screen Images. In-Game Photography, Screenshot, Screencast edited by Winfried Gerling, Sebastian Möring, Marco De Mutiis (Kadmos 2023).

We are enormously happy that our edited volume Screen Images. In-Game Photography, Screenshot, Screencast has been published now in open access ( The book contains many inspiring chapters by fantastic authors as well as artworks from outstanding artists. I am personally very happy that the volume offers a number of new texts on in-game photography. We hope everyone enjoys reading it!

Screen Images cover text

The cover text reads as follows:

This volume examines historical and contemporary image practices and phenomena, including screenshots, screen photography, screencasts and in-game photography. The individual chapters pose questions relating to the status, ontology and aesthetics of such practices. The authors and artists investigate the potential for a new area of research at the intersection of a range of disciplines, such as media studies, media aesthetics, media history, image studies, photography theory, game studies, media art and game art. As one of the first publications to address these phenomena, this book speaks to a varied audience in the realms of media studies, game studies and cultural studies as well as to members of the general public interested in historical and conemporary practices associated with visual and digital media.

Cover text of Screen Images


Screen Images
In-Game Photography, Screenshot, Screencast
Winfried Gerling, Sebastian Möring, Marco De Mutiis (ed.)
Publisher: Kadmos Verlag, Berlin 2023.
Language: English
376 pages, 15 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-3-86599-535-3


Foreword 7

Winfried Gerling, Sebastian Möring, Marco De Mutiis: Introduction 11

Winnie Soon: Unerasable Images 43

Birgit Schneider: “Shoot(ing) the Image” – A Look at Screen Images from a Meta-Pictorial and Media-Archaeological Perspective 53

Gareth Damian Martin: Pathways (extracted from The Continuous City) 79

Jacob Gaboury: Paper Computing and Early Screenshot Cultures 87

Winfried Gerling: In-Front-of-the-Screen Images – A Photo Essay 93

Michael Schäfer: Three Probes into Recent History 137

Stephan Günzel: Image Reflection: Television-Screen Photography 145

Rowan Lear: Everything Starts to Shake: Gameplay, Shutter Lag and Fugitivity 161

Azahara Cerezo: Paisajes Digitales de una Guerra 169

Paul Frosh: Screenshots and the Memory of Photography 173

COLL.EO: Upscaling to Remain the Same 193

Joanna Zylinska: Screen Cuts: Training Perception Beyond “the Eye” 201

Kent Sheely: The Swamp 215

Cindy Poremba: Ansel and the (T / M)aking of Amateur Game Photography 223

Natalie Maximova: The Edge of the World 245

Marco De Mutiis: How to Win at Photography – How Games Teach Us to See 253

Sebastian Möring: The Conditional Cyberimage – On the Role of Gameplayin Artistic In-Game Photography 263

Alan Butler: Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass 285

Katrina Sluis: The Phantom of the Mirror: The Screenshots of Mario Santamaría 289

Roc Herms: Hacer Pantallazo 295

Friedrich Tietjen: Documenting Witnessing: Two Cases of TV-Screen Photography 301

Emily Wick: Blind Spots 309

Jan Distelmeyer: A Case for Interface Studies: From Screenshots to Desktop / Screen Films 317

Till Rückwart: Salty Glitches 333

Julia Eckel: Screencasting: Documenting Processuality 341

Author Biographies 371

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